Hi to everyone!

I absolutely love ATHF and decided to join a community about it:
Name: Jill Haley
Age: 24
Favorite Episode: Mc P Pants
Favorite Character: Meatwad, he's just soooo cute
Favorite Quote: "We're cuddling from the inside"- Meatwad
About me: summed up on my USERINFO page
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Mod Holiday Love

Just dropping in to wish everyone a Happy (fill in celebrated December holiday here) and I hope all is well.

And to give formal thanks to brandasours for info page pimpage.

377 members. One of them, my friend.

Happy Holidays.


(no subject)

Name: James the Jamesman

Age: 19

Favorite Episode: The Last One

favorite Character: Meatwad

Favorite Quote: For I once too did ______, but that was 475,000 years ago!

About me: ATHF and adult swim fan for a while. I love ATHF and my other fav is robot chicken. Humor is best when it's at it's lowest and finest haha
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Alright, we're almost at 400. And i finally got my grubby jersey paws on a more pernament computer situation.

But I don't do layouts.

So here's the invite to redo out layout and/or info page.

Help me out here.


HI, I'm new

Hey, new to the community, I'm a huge ATHF fan despite being pretty new to the show, I caught it late night once and thought it was absolutely retarded, my kind of show! I've since gotten all the DVDs and heartily look forward to the movie.

anyway for something to actually make this worth reading, I wrote an episode for fun. You can find it here http://www.crookedstep.com/script.html

please ignore any typos that may be there.