Marie (tazmania6507) wrote in aquateenhforce,

Crazy goverment....

All this money & time trying to find Bin Laden and...

They go after these guys.

Yeah, Boston, if you can't find Al Queda, you go after FICTIONAL TV SHOW CHARACTERS!

*rolls eyes*
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Deleted comment

LOL. Of course if this happened in Philadelphia...well, it would be ten times hilarious. Mostly because weird shit always happens in Philadelphia.

Deleted comment

I know that but I mean if some idiot called Philadelphia Police thinking it was a terrorist plot...that would be funny. I mean, this IS a city where a bus driver assulted a passenger. That's why it would be funny because the locals would be like, "Only in Philly."
A GENIUS marketing scheme. They probably got international news-coverage from this.
It's funny how humans flip out whenever danger is afoot. How did we ever manage to become the dominant-species on this planet?
Makes me wonder too.
Because we flip out whenever danger is afoot?
Yeah, when something is out-of-place we flip out. Do you really think if an asteroid threatened Earth that we would be able to send some people up there to nuke it? Yeah right, they'd rather eat pudding or something.
Yep, and terrorists would never be smart enough to disguise their bombs as cartoon characters. 'Cause, their like, too busy eating the pudding and watching Armageddon and all that other good stuff.