This does me no good .....

.... cause I buy them the day they come out, BestBuy $16.99 a piece for any of the 4 Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD's. Live on Northern Virginia so it might be different in the different markets. Thought you'd all like to know.
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quick question. i've been wracking my brain trying to remember this and maybe someone can help.

in the episode when carl's rims get stolen by the space invaders, he had up a sign or something and it had a word spelled wrong and is hilarious..

what did it say?

Hi to everyone!

I absolutely love ATHF and decided to join a community about it:
Name: Jill Haley
Age: 24
Favorite Episode: Mc P Pants
Favorite Character: Meatwad, he's just soooo cute
Favorite Quote: "We're cuddling from the inside"- Meatwad
About me: summed up on my USERINFO page
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